Awesome NC Authors

Moonlight & Moss

Kim Beall

Kim’s writing is so visual. She has the ability to describe a place that you’ve never seen as if you lived there all your life.

Her characters are smart, strong, quirky and occasionally invisible.

If you like witty, well written stories that move along at fast clip, Kim Beale is just that new author you’ve been looking for.

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Jackie Dove Miller

Jackie is one of the most generous writers I’ve ever met. Her poetry is beyond description. The cadence, the imagery, the emotion.

She shows all of herself in her work, joy, loss, fear and faith. It gives me permission to look at myself without such harsh judgement. 

I can’t write poetry to save my life, but if I could – I’d want to be Jackie Dove Miller. You will too.

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Moonlight & Moss
Pour Me Another

Kathryn Ewers Bundy

Kathy is the one who brought me to Second Cup. Our road trips to Donna’s house were legendary…

Kathy is a prolific writer, writing in multiple genres. Her latest book is a compelling memoir of an unusual life that leads her to recovery.

I love Kathy as a writer and a person. She is an editor extraordinaire (aka red line hell.) She is the keeper of my many secrets…

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Pour Me Another

Donna Campbell

Second Cup meets at Donna’s house. It’s a gorgeous farmhouse. She’s an artist and photographer too – we got to work in an artist studio. Donna’s a renaissance woman.

She started her career writing non-fiction. But last time I was at 2nd Cup, she was doing a cool mystery series. 

 Kay Whatley

The ending of Kay’s first book will knock you off your chair. Kay is fascinated by the paranormal – if you’re a fan, this book will not disappoint.

Kay is currently working on a sequel that we look forward to reading. 

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Kay Watley